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Freelance Editing and Proofreading  
Courses for Freelancers     
Read for profit as a freelance proofreader or copyeditor:
the perfect second income!
 Freelancers.co.uk offers you a new course in freelance editing and 
proofreading. Professional content and real enjoyment. The professional choice. 
The perfect second income opportunity if you enjoy working with words. 
Ideal if you prefer to work from home.   
If you live in the USA, try the US (American English) version with 
tips and guidelines for the American freelance market. 
If you live in the UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you'll need the UK version.
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  The complete guide to freelancing for publishers as a freelance proofreader or copyeditor 
Compiled by an experienced freelance editor who has worked on hundreds of titles, from simple textbooks to international bestsellers. You can also use the skills you develop on the course to edit/proofread web sites or web pages for really good pay - around £20 (US $32) per hour.   

Experience not necessary. Ideal if you want to work from home. (You need the American English version if you live in the USA.) Rates of pay you can earn as a freelancer. Competent proofreaders and/or copyeditors can earn around £500 a week ($US 1,110), and more than this when experienced.  

Current Rates are around £14.00-£16.00 (GBP) per hour. You normally have to read only about 10 pages per hour to earn this. 

Rates for top copyeditors and proofreaders can be as much as £20.00 per hour! 

Proofreading Courses

The course run by Freelancers.co.uk is in four parts. The first part  
(MS1) is the information section, circa 25,000 words. Concepts of editing and proofreading are explained in precise detail, with examples of styles preferred by publishers, layout, spellings, common mistakes, etc. This section contains all the essential information you will need to know.  

The second part (MS2) is a manuscript or typescript as you would see it after it has been copyedited. It's entitled Santorini A Greek Island. The third part (PS1) is a set of proofs of MS2 (the story about the Greek island), which you can work on, after you learn all you need to know from the first part of the course (MS1). 

Finally, you can compare your work with PS2 (the corrected proofs), which shows you all the errors/corrections you should have noticed, together with comprehensive notes. 

PS2 also contains a self-assessment Scorecard to measure your skills. Two FREE editing pens are included with the course. (A red pen for proofreading corrections, and a blue pen for editorial corrections.)  

NB: Over 55,000 words in total. All info and details on how to contact publishers for work are included. Most people who have found work have had no previous experience, and some are now working for major London publishers.  

You can complete the Freelancers course in just 6 to 8 weeks, 
in your spare time!

The Freelancers course was the very FIRST of its kind, first seen in 1988! Since then, the idea has been copied by many other mail-order companies, interested in selling as many courses as possible, with few, if any, scruples. Beware of imitations!

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